Special Precautions after lockdown

We all know “Prevention is better than cure”

Are our preventive steps effective and fool proof, we need to recheck. Following are some mistakes I have observed people doing during lockdown, which I feel are dangerous and jeopardize the very motive.

Common mistakes seen

  1. Bringing grocery in carry bag from shop. – virus can come through them, best option is to carry your own carry bag and bring home items and wash the carry bag too.
  2. Handling money – avoid please, or wash your hand every time you touch money or card.
  3. Not washing Hands as per procedure– Give proper 20 -40 seconds of contact time for soap to act on virus.
  4. Using Anti-bacteria to kill virus- Bacteria and Virus are different. so you must read the label of disinfectant carefully if that can kill viruses.
  5. Not keeping Mask and Gloves in a defined sanitized area.– Define a place for keeping fresh mask and gloves, which should be covered. and a separate dustbin to throw used mask and gloves.
  6. Not washing grocery- virus can come through your grocery. Best method is wash them with soap solution. Even vegetables should be washed with soap solution. This step is very important. Very very important. Some criminal mind people are roaming with covid19 virus and deliberately infecting vegetables and fruits. Don’t be lazy of not washing small items like chillies. Be cautious, be safe.
  7. Unaware about the Mechanism of Attack by Covid19 virus- This virus has Spikes which attaches to inverted umbrella like structure known as ACE2 enzyme of Human cells. Ace2 actually is meant to regulate blood pressure. In simple terms once this chinese virus enters our body our own cell catches these virus and take inside the cell automatically. Doom! See below image for understanding. Covid19 is also known as SARS-CoV-2.

Escape the trap trick

All the pain and efforts will be wasted if we let in the invader after knowing the defense mechanism to stop it.

For Food Industry

  1. Install foot operated handwash sink at every entrance.
  2. Keep atleast one month stock of essential PPE like Mask, Gloves, Aprons, Eye protecting goggles etc.
  3. Clean AHU units, replace the mesh if required.
  4. Ensure calibration of thermometers – for thermal scanning
  5. Segregate non-veg section completely- including washing of the utensils.
  6. Develop raw material SOP, all received material must be cleaned and sanitized.
  7. Emphasis on Paper less transaction- NO Money, No Bills, No invoices in paper format- convert to all digital formats.
  8. Remove Menu cards from restaurants. – Bring in QR code format, so that customer can access the menu in his mobile.
  9. Do stringent check of cleaning checklist and schedules.
  10. Go only for branded cleaning chemicals. Go for CDC approved chemical which are effective for Covid19 virus.
  11. Remove common printers and photocopiers. Go digital.
  12. Develop uniform cleaning and distribution SOP for workers. Don’t send cloths outside for laundry. develop in house system.
  13. Develop Training Matrix covering progress of each participants.
  14. Keep fine for violating social distancing norms.
  15. Ensure Job safety for all workers, Don’t let go your trained warriors.
  16. Workers need to support the company at this time of difficulty too, by putting extra effort in every small task.


Be mentally strong and Happy.

Remember – Happiness is a state of mind.

This is the best time to develop routine for self, which will make us emotionally and physically strong.

Start doing Surya Namaskar of Yoga- Minimum 12 sets.


Negative energy can be alcohol, negative news, anger, laziness, etc.

This is also a good time to bring positive vibes in your home & body, by whatever way you can think like homam, reciting God’s name etc. Because this free time if we could put on positive forces of nature then the forces will give back in positive form. That is the law of nature as we know.

Stay Home Stay Safe.

Let us pray all our economies get back to strength and prosperity.

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