Five Elements

The body is made of five elements. There are temples for these five elements for replenishment. Amazing and true.

To have disease free body and soul we must maintain an equilibrium between all these five elements. (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space)

One must identify himself which element is getting week in ones body, when one falls ill or is facing some very old disorder for long time. It is not necessary all the time that external factors are responsible for ones health disorder. Our internal energy disorder also plays a significant role in our fitness, and food plays a significant part in improving our health and simultaneously in deteriorating if wrong food is taken. It is always advisable to have simple food. (in terms of energy and nature of composition). the whole nature is interdependent. This is law of nature.

If you feel, all this is rubish, just examine how ocean tides move, and how it behaves with respect to position of moon. And correlate with human body.

Thiruvanamalai hill

At thiruvanamalai the deiti is the mountain. Mountain is considered as Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva at Thiruvanamalai is in Fire form. Our human body is made of five elements – Earth, Fire, Water, sky and space. For all these five elements Lord Shiva is residing in different part of India as different elements.

Once you identify your weekness , your solution for that elemental remedy is available at designated temples listed above. Except Shri kalahasti, rest all is situated in Tamil Nadu. Shri kalahasti temple is near Tirupati temple. One can club Shri kalahasti temple along Tirupati Balaji and cover rest 4 temple in second go.


All these temples/ places behaves as energy fields. To replenish, recharge and rectify your energy imbalance. Going to all these places also solves ones problem.. it is always beneficial to recharge our body, mind and soul.

Just the way our body needs energy our soul also needs energy.

Thilai Natrajar, chidambaram

Jambukeshwarar temple, with a 3500 year old tree remains having links with ancient mythology. This is the oldest remains of living tree in the world.

Spirituality is the way we can leap forward apart from our routine things. Thus it is very important we develop this sphere of segment properly.

It is time we start respecting and exploring our ancestral knowledge.

Hundreds of ancient stories in Natraja Temple, Chidambaram

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Karma in Kaliyuga and Guruvayur Temple

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The temple of Sri Krishna at Guruvayoor is situated about 25 km. to the north-west of the railway town of Trichur in Kerala State. It is perhaps the most noted temple in that part of India, and is today attracting very large numbers of pilgrims. Recent visit by our Prime minister to this temple highlights the importance and significance of this lesser known temple.

The image of the temple is said to be not of earthly origin. It is often called bhuloka vaikunta which translate into “Holi Abode of lord Vishnu on Earth”

Lord Shri krishna as Lord Guruvayur

The pond near the temple is said to cure once past sins and any physical ailment.

Pond near the Guruvayoor temple

Secret of kaliyuga

Many believe kaliyuga is the worst time to live in this planet. But there are many learned ones, who know this is the best time to live and strive to achieve your ultimate goal.

Goals for material/financial achievement is not at all a goal in spiritual world. Material achievement are by product of living a life. Everyone knows nothing will be carried forward after death. But the naked fact is that everyone survives after death also. Sad part is that the spirit will realise his/her mistake of not having spiritual goal in the given opportunity to utilize during the life given.


The spirit will carry a bag, containing Karma as his saving. Both good as well bad. This bag of karma was always there even when one was alive also. But we were using as an ATM to live a good life , and we were also suffering to reduce our bad karma.

Being a Hindu, we know that after death one has to travel through a ocean. But everyone will not and cannot cross the ocean to liberty. For travelling across the ocean one must have a guiding tool, which works in that sphere of environment. At this point of time only your devotion towards Supreme Lord Shri Krishna come as a handy guiding tool, and your guru comes to rescue.

Only person who do not have baggage of karma is entitled to avail the facility of devotion and assistance of Guru. This is near impossible. Everyone carries a baggage of good karma and bad karma. And karma works on universal principal, Good or Bad you will have to redeem it. The fact is that it gets accumulated birth after birth. Karma is never zero for anyone. Then how can anyone board the ship of spirituality to cross the mystic oceàn. That is a secret and will be answered here but it won’t be registered in your mind. Because of the effect of kaliyuga!

Everyone has his or her financial goals. That is a must and still many people ignore that, keeping his or her official financial goals in mind. Little learned one have their own financial goals for material achievement. Intellectual one have Spiritual goal in their mind. They check the status where they have reached how much still have to be achieved. How much debt of bad karma is offloaded. They device a tracker with bakti.

The good part in kaliyuga is that if you think good, you get the credit of doing good. And if you think bad, it is not credited to your account, unless you do that. This is a discount God has given, to save humanity.

During this difficult time of kaliyuga if one takes name of Supreme Lord Narayana, Krishna, Rama , etc there is no other better saving than this in your Karma bag. Which is not counted as baggage as well.

Secret to overcome the effect of kaliyuga is Sharnagati.

What is Sharnagati

Sharnagati is a very simple word, but very complex word in terms of spirituality.

I want to relate this simple word with other simple word, which is simple to hear and know but still that is highly complex. That is ‘theory of origin’. This is very simple to know but highly complex to understand in true terms.

Here I want to simplify the word Sharnagati.

Suppose you went to Dubai and you are new to that region. Imagine there are numerous criminals and local police force wanting to catch you and harm you. When they came close to you, you show them a card having stamp of Royal King. Card stating that you are under supervision of Direct King. None will dare to do harm or even abuse you.

LIKE WISE ONE SHOULD SEEK SHELTER TO SUPREME BODY BASED ON HIS FAITH, THE SUPREME PERSON CAN BE KRISHNA, Shree Narayana, Shiva OR MAA BHAGWATI. What ever name you have taken and you are serious and devotional to that name and surrender your all action to that one lord, and that state of mind is called sharnagati.

In simple term sharnagati means you tell God you are mine and i am yours. when you only tell you are mine, there is a possibility of ego and when you also tell i am yours that possibility of error is vanished.

First step towards achieving sharnagati is bringing humanity in our self.

Second step is taking name of lord, listening his stories and acts, listening to satsang (spiritual words from Guru/ learned saints), being in company of saints and visiting spiritual places (to calibrate one energy frequencies in mondern term- the world is a manifestation of energy). If possible fasting on Ekadashi will greatly help. Hear the story of Ekadashi Fast and avoid rice in that day at least.

Third step is devoting oneself in service to God or karma. Dedicate every work to Him.

the temple of Guruvayoor and the deity of krishna there has a significant history of examples where god came live to his devotees, thus this temple is very dear to me. it is said and experienced that just when you come out of temple after seeing the deity you will have a inclination to see him once again, that goes on an on… no wonder devotees stand in line starting 2 am to see His first glance.

(The deity is said come from dwapar yuga and the deity is holding a Lotus flower which is for the reminding of the story of Elephant and crocodile fight which took place for thousands of years)-

Gajendra Moksham

Thank You. Om Narayanam Sharnam.

The above is a link to the book written by Melpathur Narayana Bhattathri (1560-1666AD). NARAYANIYUM is a medieval Sanskrit text comprising a summary study in poetic form of the Bhagavata Purana. It is must read book for all Krishna lovers. Tears flow out of love for God while reading this book, exceptional work from great saint Bhattathri.

Food Safety & Quality

Food safety is one of the most crucial factor in food industry.

Mater of fact is that many food safety training initiatives are making very little difference to un-organized food vendors which are 80 percent of FBO (food buisness organization) segment. As most of the  training is for a premium/ organised sectors only. These basic information should be imparted free of cost.

There must be grass root level teachers or supervisors, who should be assigned particular area to impart food safety trainings. Mainly to street vendors. If we can share below three points, half the battle is won in India, against food poisoning and contamination.

Selection of training topic is very important to improve food safety overall.

Among all, following three topics must be taken seriously

1. Contamination & Cross contamination

2. Role of temperature in food cooking and storage

3. Personal Hygiene

Contamination of Food

Every one should know that food gets contaminated only by three types.

a) Physical – (dust, hair, pin, fly, any foreign object)— Control is by covering all food items

b) Chemical — (pesticide from vegetables, cleaning chemical of utensils, any accidental spillage of chemical)–Control is proper washing of vegetables and keeping food away from chemicals. All chemical should be kept under lock and with proper label. Keeping MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available is desirable and must also.

c) Microbial – {under cooking, not sanitizing salads, unhygienic condition, keeping food in danger zone (5 deg C – 63 deg C)} – Control is cooking food at right temperature and keeping food out of danger zone.

Cross Contamination

Many people gets confused with contamination and cross contamination.

Cross contamination is transfer of bacteria from one place to another. That’s it. This can happen when one uses same chopping board or knife for veg and Non -Veg. or if one keeps Non veg food above veg food in chiller.

Does wearing gloves means food safety?

No, many people wear gloves for the sake of wearing and do not really follow the right procedure. Wearing gloves does not make ones hand germ free . Ironically that is how many people in industry behaves.

Please find attached Food Safety Booklet for reference, this is having basic information on Food Safety given by FSSAI for food handlers.

Food allergen

10 years back it was a very rare thing to listen in India. Now a days the word food allergy is very common in our friend circle.

Technically -Food allergy is an immunological based response causing cutaneous, gastrointestinal and respiratory symptoms.

In layman language any particular food is not suitable to the body and body reacts to it. In way of sneezing, itching or giving rashes on skin.

Thus is it very critical to inform guest and customer for the ingredients added in food or ask guest or customer to specify bif they have any allergy to any ingredients.

Steps to ensure allergen handling

Restaurant staff should be aware of all food allergen.

Proper segregation of all allergen from other food material must be ensured.

Sharing of food, containers and utensils should not be allowed.

Necessary steps to be taken to prevent cross contamination.

Allergen warning should be displayed prominently everywhere and in menu as well.

Staff should be encouraged to wash hands frequently. Hand washing is often neglected, as is very critical for food safety and hygiene.

Nothing more satisfying than connecting with Nature

Planting trees

we should take every opportunity to contribute to nature, among all one of the best is planting trees.

Plants are now a life line for Pollution hit cities across the globe
Planting trees is the small thing we can do as a citizen, in reducing carbon footprints directly.

Every small plants contribute for the cleaner environment.

Contribute small

Each one is great ..

As plants or trees the amount of water absorption depend on individual species of plants/tree if same amount of water is given to say 100 of them. Likewise it is up to the individual person who have to develop their inner acumen interest in knowing the greatness of self before knowing greatness of others.

We should thank God that we are not born as an insect or fly. Here by ‘we’ I mean individual spirit.

Only human being can search purpose of life on Earth rest all will perish and reborn in any other form again and again.

As many are not giving due respect to the planet Earth and environment like wise many are ignoring the very gift of God, this Human body. Which is of himself.

How each one is great? Just the way each atom is responsible for the brightness of the Sun, similarly each individual is playing his role in this Kal Chakra.

Our single smile makes a difference. That’s the smallest thing one can do and that also makes so much of difference. Seems very simple but will definitely make a whole lot of difference if an entire country has an characteristics of smiling all the time . Just an example.

If one understands his own body , no MBA is required to understand businesses. There is universal mechanism going inside our body. Now only speaking of physical one. Spiritual one is way too complex and sophisticated and advanced. People leave it thinking it as mundane and naive. It’s health department, response department, defense department, recreation department are way too interlinked and independent and efficient that I doubt any country has such an efficient system in running the country.

Each individual has customized according to the environment and need . And any person can copy anyone if he follows same SOP.

Just follow great people one can become great. Here also greatness is different for different people

Greatness, indeed, is the inheritance of Thy devotees wherever they might find themselves!


Girish Panicker

Narayana Sharnam

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