Each one is great ..

As plants or trees the amount of water absorption depend on individual species of plants/tree if same amount of water is given to say 100 of them. Likewise it is up to the individual person who have to develop their inner acumen interest in knowing the greatness of self before knowing greatness of others.

We should thank God that we are not born as an insect or fly. Here by ‘we’ I mean individual spirit.

Only human being can search purpose of life on Earth rest all will perish and reborn in any other form again and again.

As many are not giving due respect to the planet Earth and environment like wise many are ignoring the very gift of God, this Human body. Which is of himself.

How each one is great? Just the way each atom is responsible for the brightness of the Sun, similarly each individual is playing his role in this Kal Chakra.

Our single smile makes a difference. That’s the smallest thing one can do and that also makes so much of difference. Seems very simple but will definitely make a whole lot of difference if an entire country has an characteristics of smiling all the time . Just an example.

If one understands his own body , no MBA is required to understand businesses. There is universal mechanism going inside our body. Now only speaking of physical one. Spiritual one is way too complex and sophisticated and advanced. People leave it thinking it as mundane and naive. It’s health department, response department, defense department, recreation department are way too interlinked and independent and efficient that I doubt any country has such an efficient system in running the country.

Each individual has customized according to the environment and need . And any person can copy anyone if he follows same SOP.

Just follow great people one can become great. Here also greatness is different for different people

Greatness, indeed, is the inheritance of Thy devotees wherever they might find themselves!


Girish Panicker

Narayana Sharnam

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