RO water good or bad, Govt. prohibits use of RO for domestic purpose.

Under draft regulation published by Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate change dated 3.2.2020, govt. of India proposes to ban use of RO system in domestic use where piped water supplied is meeting drinking water standard of BIS 10500:2012. To prevent water wastage and health benefits loss due to excess removal of essential minerals from drinking and cooking water.

Further for commercial and Industrial use of RO System (Membrane based water purification system) the draft has specific guidelines.

Refer the attached Notification for further information.

  • Industry needs to monitor the recovery efficiency of permeates with compliance of greater than 60% by 2021
  • This is a step to stop unnecessary wastage of good water.
  • Bring in efficiency and awareness towards climate change and effective utilization of resources.

Well being concern.

It is generally noted that RO water is little acidic in nature and many people ignore this. And very few try to bring the basic nature of water and add lost mineral to it.

It is suggested if the your water is meeting drinking water standard then only UV treatment or boiling will be effective to make water safe, Reverse Osmosis is not required.

RO water removes many essential minerals from water which are otherwise useful for body and provide micro nutrients. Getting ones water tested for all essential parameters is a right way of going forward. Dont think water testing as wastage of money, instead think as an investment to your health. This small step will reduce your pain in later stages of life.

please find below link for Indian Government Drinking water standard as per IS 10500:2012, for your kind reference.

It is always better to treat your drinking water as your fuel, which ever type of treatment your are preferring, consider boiling again with added nutrition you want to add (for home).

During cold season adding basil leaves gives a refreshing taste and nutritional protection to body. Adding turmeric acts as an disinfectant for throat and intestine.

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