Pest Control Basic

Getting back to basics of pest control

As everyone is aware pest control is a serious issue in hospitality sector, specially in food industry.

I want to reiterate some basic principles which are core for integrated pest management.

4 D principles.

First D- Deny entry

This is the first D among the 4 D principles. This means we must close all entry point of pest into the premises.

This may seem most basic principle, but ironically this is the most ignored one too. This single principle has the potential to restrict all pest into the premises if implemented religiously.

Things to take care :

  • All gaps and holes must be closed properly. Which includes gap below the door, drain gaps, gap beneath false ceiling etc.
  • Special restriction mechanism must be in place- such as air curtains (with very effective air barrier) and strip curtains, drain traps to prevent entry of cockroaches coming from drain.
  • Ceiling must be closed properly from adjacent building/ restaurant.

Second D – Deny Food

All pest come to the premises for food. They have an excellent smelling ability. Pest get attracted to food naturally.

In case of restaurant cockroaches rely on food debris left by guest under the tables and inside kitchen. Thus it is very important, restaurant is closed properly, all food debris are removed. Closing procedures are well followed by each of the team member.

For the same reason emptying dustbins and keeping garbage outside becomes very important.

Third D- Deny shelter

Third D states deny shelter for pest.

Pests like rats hides behind cardboard boxes, behind electric wires where electric wires are not organised properly. Thus it becomes very crucial and significant where we keep our scraps.

Fourth D – Distroy

When all above three parameters are taken care off and still pest has entered the premises, then fourth D is applicable. Pest are eliminated with the help of pest control team.

Smart Flies

The flies have become more advanced and organized.

Have you wondered how flies enter 20th floor of the building?

How flies enter even after implementing air curtains?

Why fly catchers are not attracting 100 percent flies.

One will pass on the blame to Project/ maintenance etc. What if one says that flies travel by sitting on human and travel from one place to other, they are also observed to board ones car or bus to travel from one place to other.

Thus it is very important to understand flies /other pest behavior concerned with local premises first before implementing any pest control strategy.

Apart from implementing any pest control strategy it is also very important to track pest control activity

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