MSG – Mono sodium glutamate & Food Safety

Mono sodium glutamate is an approved flavour enhancer as per FSSAI, under E number 621.

Locally called China salt.

Addition of MSG is permitted as per GMP in prepacked food only. Subject to conforming to labelling protocol of FSSAI & proper declaration that the food contains MSG and not recommended for children below 12 years. This was a tipping point in Nestle’s Maggi fiasco.

FSSAI does not state clearly that MSG is allowed or not in fresh Chinese or Asian food, prepared in restaurants or Hotels.

Many people don’t know that MSG is an allergen to many people. Since it is not listed in common allergen list it is not considered as an allergen.

Now a days many local street vendors are using MSG in uncontrolled manner which is a public health hazard. Which is directly affecting new generation kids who are more inclined to fast foods.

Mono sodium glutamate, function as a n neurotransmitter in the brain, That is, it behaves as an exicitatory transmitter which stimulates nerve cells.

Due to the onset of fast food trend, MSG is by default going into our body. No wonder new diseases are now a days common. Liver failure, skin disease etc. It is very important people become more aware and be responsible in using them.

We as a custodian of Quality Assurance should take lead in putting stringent standards on our respective organization and particularly in our homes and our family youngsters eating habits.

Your Valuable comments would be appreciated.

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