Five Elements

The body is made of five elements. There are temples for these five elements for replenishment. Amazing and true.

To have disease free body and soul we must maintain an equilibrium between all these five elements. (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space)

One must identify himself which element is getting week in ones body, when one falls ill or is facing some very old disorder for long time. It is not necessary all the time that external factors are responsible for ones health disorder. Our internal energy disorder also plays a significant role in our fitness, and food plays a significant part in improving our health and simultaneously in deteriorating if wrong food is taken. It is always advisable to have simple food. (in terms of energy and nature of composition). the whole nature is interdependent. This is law of nature.

If you feel, all this is rubish, just examine how ocean tides move, and how it behaves with respect to position of moon. And correlate with human body.

Thiruvanamalai hill

At thiruvanamalai the deiti is the mountain. Mountain is considered as Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva at Thiruvanamalai is in Fire form. Our human body is made of five elements – Earth, Fire, Water, sky and space. For all these five elements Lord Shiva is residing in different part of India as different elements.

Once you identify your weekness , your solution for that elemental remedy is available at designated temples listed above. Except Shri kalahasti, rest all is situated in Tamil Nadu. Shri kalahasti temple is near Tirupati temple. One can club Shri kalahasti temple along Tirupati Balaji and cover rest 4 temple in second go.


All these temples/ places behaves as energy fields. To replenish, recharge and rectify your energy imbalance. Going to all these places also solves ones problem.. it is always beneficial to recharge our body, mind and soul.

Just the way our body needs energy our soul also needs energy.

Thilai Natrajar, chidambaram

Jambukeshwarar temple, with a 3500 year old tree remains having links with ancient mythology. This is the oldest remains of living tree in the world.

Spirituality is the way we can leap forward apart from our routine things. Thus it is very important we develop this sphere of segment properly.

It is time we start respecting and exploring our ancestral knowledge.

Hundreds of ancient stories in Natraja Temple, Chidambaram

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