Does soap kills virus?

I wonder if a soap can kill virus, why nobody is recommending to gargle and wash mouth with soap water at every hour together with washing hands.

Do we need to be afraid of viruses ? Then how long

When practically Human body is defending thousands of unseen viruses daily then is it necessary to be afraid from a single type.

How is sanitizer killing a dormant virus, and most of the sanitizer in market is having humectant to prevent loss of moisture. Isn’t that reduces it’s core performance of removing microbes.

If air can pass through your mask , won’t Covid 19 nano particle pass it.

If one country has made a vaccine , then why many other countries are wasting money developing vaccines?

Please share your views.

Special Precautions after lockdown

We all know “Prevention is better than cure”

Are our preventive steps effective and fool proof, we need to recheck. Following are some mistakes I have observed people doing during lockdown, which I feel are dangerous and jeopardize the very motive.

Common mistakes seen

  1. Bringing grocery in carry bag from shop. – virus can come through them, best option is to carry your own carry bag and bring home items and wash the carry bag too.
  2. Handling money – avoid please, or wash your hand every time you touch money or card.
  3. Not washing Hands as per procedure– Give proper 20 -40 seconds of contact time for soap to act on virus.
  4. Using Anti-bacteria to kill virus- Bacteria and Virus are different. so you must read the label of disinfectant carefully if that can kill viruses.
  5. Not keeping Mask and Gloves in a defined sanitized area.– Define a place for keeping fresh mask and gloves, which should be covered. and a separate dustbin to throw used mask and gloves.
  6. Not washing grocery- virus can come through your grocery. Best method is wash them with soap solution. Even vegetables should be washed with soap solution. This step is very important. Very very important. Some criminal mind people are roaming with covid19 virus and deliberately infecting vegetables and fruits. Don’t be lazy of not washing small items like chillies. Be cautious, be safe.
  7. Unaware about the Mechanism of Attack by Covid19 virus- This virus has Spikes which attaches to inverted umbrella like structure known as ACE2 enzyme of Human cells. Ace2 actually is meant to regulate blood pressure. In simple terms once this chinese virus enters our body our own cell catches these virus and take inside the cell automatically. Doom! See below image for understanding. Covid19 is also known as SARS-CoV-2.

Escape the trap trick

All the pain and efforts will be wasted if we let in the invader after knowing the defense mechanism to stop it.

For Food Industry

  1. Install foot operated handwash sink at every entrance.
  2. Keep atleast one month stock of essential PPE like Mask, Gloves, Aprons, Eye protecting goggles etc.
  3. Clean AHU units, replace the mesh if required.
  4. Ensure calibration of thermometers – for thermal scanning
  5. Segregate non-veg section completely- including washing of the utensils.
  6. Develop raw material SOP, all received material must be cleaned and sanitized.
  7. Emphasis on Paper less transaction- NO Money, No Bills, No invoices in paper format- convert to all digital formats.
  8. Remove Menu cards from restaurants. – Bring in QR code format, so that customer can access the menu in his mobile.
  9. Do stringent check of cleaning checklist and schedules.
  10. Go only for branded cleaning chemicals. Go for CDC approved chemical which are effective for Covid19 virus.
  11. Remove common printers and photocopiers. Go digital.
  12. Develop uniform cleaning and distribution SOP for workers. Don’t send cloths outside for laundry. develop in house system.
  13. Develop Training Matrix covering progress of each participants.
  14. Keep fine for violating social distancing norms.
  15. Ensure Job safety for all workers, Don’t let go your trained warriors.
  16. Workers need to support the company at this time of difficulty too, by putting extra effort in every small task.


Be mentally strong and Happy.

Remember – Happiness is a state of mind.

This is the best time to develop routine for self, which will make us emotionally and physically strong.

Start doing Surya Namaskar of Yoga- Minimum 12 sets.


Negative energy can be alcohol, negative news, anger, laziness, etc.

This is also a good time to bring positive vibes in your home & body, by whatever way you can think like homam, reciting God’s name etc. Because this free time if we could put on positive forces of nature then the forces will give back in positive form. That is the law of nature as we know.

Stay Home Stay Safe.

Let us pray all our economies get back to strength and prosperity.

Check out my article on boosting Immunity

Boost your Immunity at Home by eating, listening & syncing with Nature.

Time to invoke supernatural powers within yourself.

At this time of lock down and viral atmosphere we all need to have an action plan to fight the Virus.

Let Personal Hygiene (Frequent Hand washing and social distancing) be top priority, then selection of food, creating healthy environment and strengthening our inner self.

  1. Select super foods, Rich in Antioxidant and Antimicrobial properties. One such food is Rasam.

Rasam is a traditional authentic south Indian dish (gravy) made up of tomato, ginger, garlic, black pepper, turmeric, curry leaves, asaefotida powder, chopped coriander leaves, Salt and Chilli for taste. One can even add pulses as per requirement to it

Many people even drink it as an appetizer drink.

Now lets get into detail of nutrition of this wonder dish.

The distinct combination of Turmeric and Black Pepper, brings out the power of turmeric more effectively.

Turmeric:- Anti-Inflamatory, Antioxidant, Anitimicrobial etc

As we all know, Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric, its absorption in body is poor. Thus Black pepper, which has piperine which enhances curcumin absorption many folds. Thus providing maximum nutrition of both Turmeric and Black pepper in the dish.

Refer below link for better understand Turmeric. which in itself is a super-food.


Black Pepper

Garlic Benefits

Curry Leaf

Packed with carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorous, irons and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, curry leaves help your heart function better, fights infections and can enliven your hair and skin with vitality. Its aids in weight management , by improving the bodys response to absorption of fat. It also helps in reducing your blood sugar levels by affecting the insulin activity of the body and Also the type and amount of fiber contained within the leaves play a significant role in lowering blood sugar levels. It’s powerful antioxidant properties help women in development post pregnancy

Check out below easy recipe to take curry leaves in a special sweet way.

Apart from including above mentioned items in your diet separately or through Rasam one can include following items as well.

Power of Ayurveda

  1. Condensed tablet form available for improving immunity and respiratory health. Condensed tablet form are more easy to take than taking Plant part and boiling in water to make concoction. Patanjali is one of the reliable makers of these herbs which use GMP practices in manufacturing. Below pic is suggestive only. (Swasari Pravahi is high in sugar-not recomended for person having diabetics)

2. In India most of the house use Chyawanprash to boost Immunity. It is combination of 40+ Ayurvedic ingredients.

Dabur brand is widely available throughout India and abroad which is trustworthy and high quality, other good brands are of Zu and Kotayakal Kerala.

Person having Diabetes should consider having sugarless Chyawanprash. Others prefering low sugar chyawanprash can buy kotayakal kerala one.

Tulsi green tea with ginger and Honey- to ward off common cold and flu.

And prefer only warm water/ hot water.

Please include Neem leafs

Neem is included in ayurvedic medicine and commonly found in many parts of India and Asia. It is highly potent in antibacterial and antiviral property. Thankfully now a days concentrated leaves are available in tablet forms- Himalaya is a trusted brand apart from Patanjali.

refer this link to know more about neem (utilize this natural resource)

Remember prevention is better than cure.

2. Create Positive environment and a shield of positive energy

By listening to Spiritual songs- specially during this lockdown scenario, let supernatural forces be invoked. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, we know. These vedic mantras have potential powers which can change your physical environment and mental state.

Following Powerful mantras are beyond my capacity to explain their importance:

  • Aditya Hridyam strotam
  • Visnu Sahasranamam
  • Hanuman chalisa
  • Shiv tandav Strotam

Shri Lalita Sahasranamam, Narsimha Kavacham, Skanda shashti Kavacham, Panchamukhi Hanuman Kavach etc.

Among all Shri Lalita Sahasranam, is the mantra to call for the cosmic mother, when child cries mother cant ignore the noise, she comes to see and bless. All these are available in youtube with english meaning.

PDF form of Sri Lalita Sahasranam for reference

3. Indulge in Yoga.

Yoga means union with one self. That is what this lockdown is making us do. Close your eyes and go inside your body. To start with, best one I would suggest is The Surya Namaskar Yoga.

Second go with breathing excercise.

Breathing excercise is what Yoga has mastery .-Pranayam.

4. Believe in your immunity

Check out how vaccine are developed, there are three methods by which vaccines are developed. All three methods depends on human developed antibody. Thus it is always good that we develop our own immunity stronger that vaccines are not required always. since vaccines may not be ready every time, but a strong immune system has greater chance of defeating incoming pathogen. This can be seen world wide that now a days people have stopped going to doctor unnecessarily, that means all of us have the capacity to monitor our health and take care of even common cold. COVID19 is a different case, apart from this nobody or very less people are going to doctors. though bad for Hospital finance but good for humanity. (I thank all the doctors and support staff of Hospitals for working tirelessly world over, keeping their own safety at stake), but we should be open to see the other side of the coin too.

5. Last but not the least – Sync with Nature.

We being Human should have Humanity, though every one knows what is Humanity, all of us are moving away from this basic structure of Human.

Love and caring for other being is a vital part of humanity, as long as we move away from this basic structure of humanity, Nature will show her displeasure and anger. Humans are to be blamed for many natural calamity like Brazil forest fire, Australia bush fire and now even Covid19 or Novel Corono virus.

Consider being vegetarian. People are using growth simulators in chicks and various antibiotics and inorganic substances to make yield. Please stop making Non Veg Food your favorite as well as your children’s favorite.

You will have less antibiotic and pathogens in your body

We are what we eat, Please eat healthy food without hurting emotional creatures.

Please remember generation after generation we should get stronger not weaker. Feeding on antibody and junk food would make next generation weaker.

In Hindu culture, taking care of the nature is being told since time immemorial. Every person is assigned with an astrological sign. Each astrological sign is having particular plant and animal. Thus it is told to each person to take care of one plant species and one animal. Those who are taking care of this system. Nature takes care of his family and generation.


Thank You.

Share your inputs below. 27 plants associated with individual Nakshatra or Astrological Stars
below is a link for download for more information.

Some guideline for immunity by Govt. of India under ministry of Ayush as below:

Thank You

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Whosoever is the father of disease, mother is food.

It is very well said that if you don’t take your food as a medicine then you may have to take medicine as food.

Bacteria has number of ways to enter your food. The spread of Virus from Wuhan is a perfect example how lethal micro-organism can become.

Food- food for human being is best when the form of food is simple, that is what our ancestors have told us time and again. Scientist have proven that plant based food are simple form of food which are easy to digest and safer than non vegetarian food.

It seems nCOV19 is nature’s way of protest that killing of living being ruthlessly is not right.

Vegetarian diets with special properties of anti microbial, should be added to diet intentionally to boost immune system. Food such as turmeric milk, Rassam ( South Indian spicy gravy, rich in black pepper and turmeric etc), ginger tea, green tea, drumstick leaves , radish leaves and local fruits and vegetables should be included.

Micro organism like all other living organism need basic necessities like Food, environment, temperature and host.

First and foremost thing is, there must be a loop hole through which bacteria enters food. Most often it is human error in missing a step of SOP, it is often noticed that skipping an standard SOP becomes a medium of transfer of bacteria from unhygienic place to the food. Thus training of staff plays a crucial role in safeguarding food standards in FBO’s (Food Business Operators).

At home during lock down condition, one should abstain from bringing anything from outside including carry bag. if need be carry your own cloth/ jute carry bag, bring material put all the material in a soap solution and the carry bag too. (As far as possible). If metallic thing then pour hot boiling water on it.

Common error

  • Missing Hand wash procedure,
  • Not giving proper time to hand wash is as good as not washing the hand. As a small hole in pot drains away the water, similarly few germs in hand can be Dangerous.
    • Special care should be taken for hand wash after touching common touching area like cash counter, credit cards, door knob, cash, guest table, mobile phone, door bell etc.
  • Missing Sanitizing procedure.
    • Sanitizing hands, equipments, vegetables, scoops, even serving dishes plates is very much important.
    • Special care must be taken by cleaning staff to sanitize and wash their hands properly. If they miss- they may spread germs !
  • Not segregating Non veg food from veg food.
  • Not following recommended temperature of cooking, reheating, storage of food.
  • Not following protective clothing (Masks, gloves etc) and GHP (Good Hygiene Practice)
  • Even it is very important to train staff how to use protective clothing. Mostly it is seen mishandled.

Nothing new, this we know from the beginning of the century.

This is more of the concern that when we know what is the mistake than we don’t know what is the issue.

Everyone knows Hand-washing is vital step in food safety and sadly most violated step. Steps needs to be taken to enforce and monitor compliance of basic steps of hygiene.

Steps to improve compliance at FBOs

  • Install alarm, for reminding staff to wash hands every hour.
  • Installation of CCTV camera over hand-wash station to ensure every staff washes hands.
  • Food safety supervisor/ representative on production floor to guide and correct right usage of hand gloves.
  • Maintain checklist for crucial hygiene and Food safety norms like – Cooking Temperature, Personal Hygiene, Thawing and Sanitization of fruits and vegetables. where ISO systems are not implemented.
  • Develop food safety training Matrix if not developed and link individual food safety training score with their incentive.

Time to monitor and include micronutrients in our diet consciously.

Folic Acid- vital b vitamin- to prevent changes in DNA.

Zinc – to fight invading bacteria and viruses

Anti viral foods like Neem leaves

pH of Food and water we take

Nutrition claim of packaged food we take.

Type of oil used for frying.- and our own oil we use, is it truely genuine or just admixture of some cheap substitute.

Thank You

Indian Stock Market.

This article is for those who are not actively involved in stock market. It is my general view, and not stock recommendation.

Purpose of this article: To encourage more common people to enter stock market and gain financial literacy.

Common Myth:

  • Stock market is for those people who have money to invest.- one can invest from Rs 100 per month, and earn 4-5 % in a month. Even if one wants to buy a single stock of Rs 2 he can buy. sky is the limit for upper limit of investment.
  • Stock market is Gamble.– Buying something at lower price and selling at higher price is the base of stock market. It is not a gamble, it is a science and an art of economy. This is surely not get rich quick scheme. In simple sense it is lending money to industry when the industry is in distress and taking the money back with dividend when company performs well. This is a win win situation for the public and the company, when both company and the people involved in investment are true to them self.
  • Timing Stock market. There is no fool proof technique in timing the stock market. The best way to time the market is play for long run. Never go behind the market crowd. Plan your trade well before and stick to your plan. Plan for when should one exit particular stock. One should educate one self with basic terminology like PE ratio, moving average, Calculating valuation of stock etc before entering the stock market.
  • Best Suggestion: Before investing in real money one should practice with virtual money for 3-4 months and one should always trade in blue chip stocks. (Company which are fundamentally strong)

India is poised to be the growth engine of the world in coming decade. Stock market will play a major role as well as an indicator for the growth story. Thus it makes stocks a very sensible tool for investment and experimenting in India at this point of time.

please read once again

All fundamental analysis and technical analysis goes for a spin when any International bad news comes (like corono virus etc). Still worldwide investing in stocks go around studying the fundamental and technical aspect of stocks on daily basis.

In search of Multibagger, first we have to study the fundamental of any stock with respect to long term, before understanding the stock we must understand the environment of the economy. (To generate good profit we have to put many eggs in single basket, to ensure that our eggs don’t break we have to be double sure what type of basket we are using). Secondly we must have multiple baskets of eggs too, to diversify our portfolio.

Why i am bullish on Indian Economy for the coming decade, Let us review the key takeaway of Budget 2020, from macro economic point of view.

  1. Checks made to Curb abuse of Free Trade Agreement (by way of increased verification responsibility on the Importer)
  2. Checks made to prevent dumping of goods to protect domestic industry.
  3. DDT has been discontinued. Instead, recipient of dividend have to pay tax at their applicable rates.
  4. Creating a favorable environment for startups & MSMEs
    • Startups with annual turnover of up to 25 crore is permitted to deduct 100% of its profit for three continuous assessment years of seven years if overall turnover is under 25 crore. This limit is now increased to 100 crore and further eligibility period to deduct is increased to 10 years from 7 years.
    • In case of start ups, employees possessing Employee Stock option plans (ESOPs) may defer paying taxes up to five years from the time of exercise. (Till the time they leave the startup or until they sell their shares, which ever is earlier
    • Providing Credit Guarantee in providing finance to MSME
  5. Strengthened Public sector banks and depositors money in bank.
  6. A clear focus in pushing Agriculture, which is a major pillar of Indian economy
    • Govt. aims to increase farmers income by 2022.
    • Help 15 lac farmers to solarise their grid connected water pumps.
    • Kisan Rail’ and ‘Krishi Udaan’ for seamless transport of perishable farm goods.
  7. Push to Education, Financial Sector and Wellness Sector etc.

In nut shell the future growth lies in agriculture based industry and Power Industry. Agriculture is the back bone and Power sector is the soul. These both sector are at their bottom now a days, hitting 52 week lows frequently. This is where one should catch the fish, keeping long term in mind.

Some one rightly said about stock trading it is 10 percent buying 10 percent selling and 80 percent waiting. if one is ready to follow this principle then multibagger is here in front of you. ITC and Coal India Limited. If you are one who keep updating himself minute by minute then this is not your cup of tea. Investors invest in concept rather than particular company.

ITC is bullish because it is gradually moving away from tobacco. India is power hungry country and coal provides 80% of India’s power need and this is not going to fade away soon. Depending upon risk appetite of an individual one can increase their stakes in either of two.

  • As on 23.3.20 I prefer following ones.
  • Best Buy ITC at Rs 150per stock, and Coal India Ltd at 120 per stock. ( Govt. Of India, no competitor In coal, India’s energy need is still depended on coal )
  • For long term of 5 years.
  • Buy Reliance below 900.
  • For Short term to medium term
    • RVNL at Rs 11 (Govt. Railway company)

Due to covid 19, pandemic all good stocks are available at discounted price enter the market when waves settle down.

Basic guidance at nominal charge

Thank You.

Used Oil Regulation of India in food industry.

One of the positive regulatory step taken by Govt. of India, via FSSAI notification is implementation of used oil regulation 2018, which prohibits use of reused oil which has total polar greater than 25%. (Under FSSAI RUCO initiative).

Many FBOs are unclear about its implementation. This article is about giving little more clarity on this subject and helping more FBO in conforming to the regulation. Our one small step in regulating our used oil disposal not only benefit in complying the regulation but also benefit the country in reducing import bill in bio fuel.

used cooking oil needs to disposed in a right way

During frying, several properties of oil are altered, Total Polar Compounds(TPC) are formed on repeated frying. The toxicity of these compounds is associated with several diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, liver diseases. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the quality of vegetable oils during frying. In order to safeguard consumer health, FSSAI has fixed a limit for Total Polar Compounds at 25 percent beyond which the vegetable oil shall not be used. From 1st July, 2018 onwards, all Food Business Operators (FBOs) are required to monitor the quality of oil during frying by complying with the said regulations. FSSAI is implementing an EEE Strategy:




to divert Used Cooking Oil from the food value chain and curb current illegal practices.The EEE Strategy approach ensures good health and welfare for all 130-crore citizens, aiding energy security, climate change mitigation, and leading to environmentally sustainable development.

Key points in the notification:

  1. Do not use cooking oil more than thrice for frying. preferably for frying oil should be used only once.
  2. Used cooking oil (UCO) should not discarded in drain.
  3. The vegetable oil having developed Total Polar Compound more than 25%shall not be used.
  4. For all commercial establishment, it is mandatory to maintain a record of used oil on daily basis. along with detail of its disposal to FSSAI approved oil aggregators. These oil aggregators send the oil to enrolled Biodiesel manufacturers.
  5. For more detail download the notification below and attached usable blank format:

RO water good or bad, Govt. prohibits use of RO for domestic purpose.

Under draft regulation published by Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate change dated 3.2.2020, govt. of India proposes to ban use of RO system in domestic use where piped water supplied is meeting drinking water standard of BIS 10500:2012. To prevent water wastage and health benefits loss due to excess removal of essential minerals from drinking and cooking water.

Further for commercial and Industrial use of RO System (Membrane based water purification system) the draft has specific guidelines.

Refer the attached Notification for further information.

  • Industry needs to monitor the recovery efficiency of permeates with compliance of greater than 60% by 2021
  • This is a step to stop unnecessary wastage of good water.
  • Bring in efficiency and awareness towards climate change and effective utilization of resources.

Well being concern.

It is generally noted that RO water is little acidic in nature and many people ignore this. And very few try to bring the basic nature of water and add lost mineral to it.

It is suggested if the your water is meeting drinking water standard then only UV treatment or boiling will be effective to make water safe, Reverse Osmosis is not required.

RO water removes many essential minerals from water which are otherwise useful for body and provide micro nutrients. Getting ones water tested for all essential parameters is a right way of going forward. Dont think water testing as wastage of money, instead think as an investment to your health. This small step will reduce your pain in later stages of life.

please find below link for Indian Government Drinking water standard as per IS 10500:2012, for your kind reference.

It is always better to treat your drinking water as your fuel, which ever type of treatment your are preferring, consider boiling again with added nutrition you want to add (for home).

During cold season adding basil leaves gives a refreshing taste and nutritional protection to body. Adding turmeric acts as an disinfectant for throat and intestine.

Thank you for being connected.

Share your views and feedback, will love to hear your views too.

Pest Control Basic

Getting back to basics of pest control

As everyone is aware pest control is a serious issue in hospitality sector, specially in food industry.

I want to reiterate some basic principles which are core for integrated pest management.

4 D principles.

First D- Deny entry

This is the first D among the 4 D principles. This means we must close all entry point of pest into the premises.

This may seem most basic principle, but ironically this is the most ignored one too. This single principle has the potential to restrict all pest into the premises if implemented religiously.

Things to take care :

  • All gaps and holes must be closed properly. Which includes gap below the door, drain gaps, gap beneath false ceiling etc.
  • Special restriction mechanism must be in place- such as air curtains (with very effective air barrier) and strip curtains, drain traps to prevent entry of cockroaches coming from drain.
  • Ceiling must be closed properly from adjacent building/ restaurant.

Second D – Deny Food

All pest come to the premises for food. They have an excellent smelling ability. Pest get attracted to food naturally.

In case of restaurant cockroaches rely on food debris left by guest under the tables and inside kitchen. Thus it is very important, restaurant is closed properly, all food debris are removed. Closing procedures are well followed by each of the team member.

For the same reason emptying dustbins and keeping garbage outside becomes very important.

Third D- Deny shelter

Third D states deny shelter for pest.

Pests like rats hides behind cardboard boxes, behind electric wires where electric wires are not organised properly. Thus it becomes very crucial and significant where we keep our scraps.

Fourth D – Distroy

When all above three parameters are taken care off and still pest has entered the premises, then fourth D is applicable. Pest are eliminated with the help of pest control team.

Smart Flies

The flies have become more advanced and organized.

Have you wondered how flies enter 20th floor of the building?

How flies enter even after implementing air curtains?

Why fly catchers are not attracting 100 percent flies.

One will pass on the blame to Project/ maintenance etc. What if one says that flies travel by sitting on human and travel from one place to other, they are also observed to board ones car or bus to travel from one place to other.

Thus it is very important to understand flies /other pest behavior concerned with local premises first before implementing any pest control strategy.

Apart from implementing any pest control strategy it is also very important to track pest control activity

Vrindavan Gokul Mathura


  1. Govardhaneshwar – the 21 km site which was once a hill which was uplifted by lord krishna to save village people from anguish of Lord Indra. It is believed that demigods reside here in form of plants, monkeys and deer. IMG_20191206_142304
  2. Lalitha kund
  3. Danghati Temple
  4. Radha Kund Shyam Kund
  5. Mansi Ganga


  1. Janma bhumi
  2. Vishram ghat
  3. Dwarka Dheesh temple
  4. Yamuna AartiIMG_20191206_191725


  1. Nandbhawan
  2. Raman RetiIMG_20191207_121650IMG_20191207_122042IMG_20191207_152949IMG_20191207_114558
  3. Brama Kund


  1. Nidhivan
  2. Krishna temple
  3. Shri Ranganath Ji Temple-– The place i liked very much because of the ancient touch and southern style temple still preserved. This deity of God is said to be brought from Sri Rangam Tamil Nadu. This is situated near Needhivan. img_20191208_104401IMG_20191207_201043IMG_20191208_102308
  4. Gopeshwar Temple
  5. Hanuman Temple
  6. Govindaraj Temple
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MSG – Mono sodium glutamate & Food Safety

Mono sodium glutamate is an approved flavour enhancer as per FSSAI, under E number 621.

Locally called China salt.

Addition of MSG is permitted as per GMP in prepacked food only. Subject to conforming to labelling protocol of FSSAI & proper declaration that the food contains MSG and not recommended for children below 12 years. This was a tipping point in Nestle’s Maggi fiasco.

FSSAI does not state clearly that MSG is allowed or not in fresh Chinese or Asian food, prepared in restaurants or Hotels.

Many people don’t know that MSG is an allergen to many people. Since it is not listed in common allergen list it is not considered as an allergen.

Now a days many local street vendors are using MSG in uncontrolled manner which is a public health hazard. Which is directly affecting new generation kids who are more inclined to fast foods.

Mono sodium glutamate, function as a n neurotransmitter in the brain, That is, it behaves as an exicitatory transmitter which stimulates nerve cells.

Due to the onset of fast food trend, MSG is by default going into our body. No wonder new diseases are now a days common. Liver failure, skin disease etc. It is very important people become more aware and be responsible in using them.

We as a custodian of Quality Assurance should take lead in putting stringent standards on our respective organization and particularly in our homes and our family youngsters eating habits.

Your Valuable comments would be appreciated.